The MISSION represents the identity and personality of SUITFEET, Reason for living, a I+D+ I company that creates biomechanical and orthopedic solutions that facilitate and speed up the work of the podiatrist so that it improves the quality of life of his patient in his everyday life and sports, performing the work of orthopedic workshop of all our customers.

For the performance of this mission SUITFEET is based on values and principles of management.


The VISION constitutes the strategic intention, and defines the future state that the company wants to achieve, formulates the lines of action necessary to achieve it.


  • Perseverance: focus on the long term.

  • Transparency: comply with commitments, be credible, generate trust in stakeholders (customers, employees, suppliers, …), identification with a culture, create a homogeneous team, common objectives, communication.

  • Objectivity: the basis of the work is scientific evidence.

  • Humanism: facilitate professional development with personal development.