Suitfeet System

 Suitfeet 3DScan System

Integral system of scanning, design and manufacture of templates.

SuitfeetScan 3D

We provide you with our SuitfeetScan 3D scanner a coste 0 (bajo unas condiciones) at cost 0 (under certain conditions) which is the necessary tool for you to start working in a more optimized, simple and ecological way.

  • Our Scanner allows you to place your foot in a neutral position and once you have decided on the desired scan position, you can scan the foot.

  • Then you can view the scan to your computer and evaluate whether it is right or if you prefer to take another.

  • When the scan is final, it will be stored in our online platform and stored there so you can design the treatment later.

Design in the platform FootDock Online.

  • With your username and password you can access our Online Platform. There you will have the list of patients to whom you have scanned the foot.
  • In our platform you can decide which elements you will incorporate into your template (wedges, posts, bars, downloads, etc), the material (eva, plastics), the lining, the finish, etc. Everything is done according to your request.
  • Once all the designs are finished you can send us a manufacturing order that will come directly to the workshop to start manufacturing it.

Orthotic manufacture.

We manufacture the orthotic by robotized system, once the entire design of the orthotic is finished, it is a robot that rests the orthotic.

  • Afterwards all the orthotics are reviewed and qualified by specialized technicians to guarantee the maximum quality and perfection of our products.

  • We manufacture EVA orthotics in a single density, bidensity or tridensity.

  • We also manufacture orthotic in milled polypropylene.

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