Our Insoles


The choice of the EVA material will always bring us great comfort for the patient. They are manufactured by means of one-sided machining and we can add all kinds of modifications that will be included in the framework of the template. Thanks to the combinations of different hardnesses we can achieve from accommodative to corrective templates.
Density: We have 3 types of EVA.
Eva Monodensity: High Shore (A50) ideal for minor corrections in patients with moderate weight and low Shore (A35) ideal for geriatric or diabetic patients with moderate weight in which the goal is accommodation and comfort. Available in Black Color ShoreA50 and Beige ShoreA35.
Eva Bidensity: Black color and Beige combination of Shore A35 and A50, when the objective is to accommodate and provide comfort without correcting but the patient’s weight is high.
Eva Tridensity: Color Black, Blue and Gray combination of High Shore A50-60-40, ideal for people with intense physical activity (athletes, people who spend long time standing) in which we want to get correction adding comfort and durability. Modifications: allow intrinsic modifications such as MHS and LHS. Downloads, wedges and hoists, are included in the EVA framework. Forefoot thickness: 2mm, we do not recommend liners larger than 2mm so as not to create conflicts with the footwear. Possibility of exact replica.


The resin templates are made by thermoforming in a positive mold.

We work with different resin thicknesses from 1.2 to 1.9 mm.


Thickness: 1.2 or 1.9 mm

Frame length: retrocapital or overcapital.

Color: blue

Modifications: like LHS or MHS, downloads, wedges, hikes, etc. Posed in polyethylene foam or EVA.

The adaptation to the mold is done manually.


The polypropylene insoles are manufactured by double-sided machining, which allows us to have thicknesses of 1.6mm and add all kinds of modifications, getting corrective and functional orthoses indicated for the treatment of flat foot children, patients with limited capacity in the shoe, athletes and patients with high weight and need correction.
Thickness: 1.6mm, 2mm and 3mm.
Length of the polypropylene frame: retrocapital and overcapital.
Color: Black Intrinsic modifications: such as MHS / LHS or metatarsal discharges in overcapital frames.
Other modifications: such as cazoleta / encapsulado, balances in inversion, downloads / cut-out, hikes, etc. Possibility of posting / stabilized in the same material (polypropylene) or polyethylene foam.
Possibility of exact replica.